Exciting New Research Underscores the Value of Visual Engagement


The Internet can be a lonely place, especially when it comes to customer service. Self-service and automated service (like bots) can address basic questions and support issues. However, customers often need human guidance to handle more complex situations, like financial investments or healthcare renewals. That’s where the value of visual engagement comes into play and makes all the difference.

Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm, recently published a paper on the subject: Visual Engagement Drives Relationships and Revenue for Customer Service, Forrester Research Inc., May 5, 2017. The research provides a number of insights into what visual engagement is, where to it in the customer journey, and how to plan your implementation.

Forrester Research discusses the value of visual engagement

Visual engagement is about taking the next step in online customer interactions using such technologies as one-way agent video, cobrowsing, and screen sharing. While voice and chat are great ways to communicate with customers, adding visual tools brings personalization and understanding to the conversation. With video, you can add a smiling or sympathetic face. With cobrowsing and screen sharing, you can add a shared online view, even though both participants in the conversation are in different locations.

According to the Forrester report, visual engagement solutions allow users to “cut through the conversation clutter, to be better understood, and to connect emotionally.”

When it comes times to evaluate the value of visual engagement solutions, the Forrester report says you should, “Investigate product offerings from companies like American Well, Cisco, Glance Networks, Librestream, TokBox, Twillio, Vidyo, and others to understand the range of visual engagement solutions they provide and how they can tie into your existing service processes.”

Want to learn more about how visual engagement can transform your customer engagement processes? Check out the full article here: Exciting New Research Underscores the Value of Visual Engagement.

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