We Need To Change How We Approach Customer Experience


We have made many changes to how we approach customer experience. Yet are all those changes for the better?

With the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) and bots, today’s companies are trying to push the point of human-level assistance further out than ever. That’s good to a certain extent. People no longer need to contact businesses to uncover answers to straightforward questions (like company hours, reviews, or where to find an item).

At the same time, if you think that AI will remove humans from the conversation completely, you should reconsider the customer experience you’re offering.

Customer experience is still all about the customer

In this article, Holly Chessman, Vice President of Marketing, writes about the importance of using technology in a thoughtful way. In other words, automation is great for certain situations and human beings are needed for certain situations. As a business, you need to map out which channel is best for your customers at which point in the cycle.

In addition, with AI handling certain situations, your business’ customer service requirements must change. For example:


Look at the transition from AI to live service: Contact center connections should be quick, easy and to the point. Customers don’t want to spend time explaining whether or not they’re on the website or what they’re seeing and experiencing. This point is even more salient if the conversation started with a bot that already asked those basic questions.

Be aware that the content of calls could change: Fewer calls will be coming into the contact center, but those calls will be more complicated. Your agents must be smart, well-trained and specialized. They have to be able to understand the details of each case and know the right places to look and guide customers in order to find answers. This may mean you have to pay your agents more.

Reexamine your KPIs: Calls will likely be longer, due to the more complex nature of the conversations. Therefore, key performance indicators (KPIs) will have to be adjusted appropriately. More focus will have to be placed on the quality of answers and the resulting customer satisfaction levels than on making calls short.

Yet even within those parameters, calls can be streamlined by adding the ability for agents to:

  • Use use your customer relationship management tool (CRM) to proactively find and reach out to customers who look like they’re struggling on your website
  • See what’s happening on customers’ screens in real time using cobrowse technology
  • Visually circle and highlight (annotate) items, as well as help fill in forms, to guide customers to successful conclusions

Making customer experience outstanding

Ultimately, the goal of your company is to drive greater revenue. To do that, you need to be cautious of offering a self-service experience only. The only way to offer a great customer experience is to use the appropriate mix of helpful AI and well-trained human beings.

Ready to read the full article in Forbes? Check it out here: We Need to Change How We Approach Customer Experience.

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