Expert Tips On How To Make A Great First Impression In Business


As much as we don’t like to admit it, first impressions have a major impact on how we react and relate to those around us. Consciously or not, we make judgments about other people’s characters and professionalism based on the first few seconds we spend together. So how do you make a great first impression in business?

First impressions are crucial not only because they are formed in as little as seven seconds, but also because they are hard to shake afterwards. If you want the people you meet at networking events — potential customers, partners and investors — to see your best side, you will need to act quickly and make sure you start out on the right foot.

Forbes provided feedback from 12 communications experts, publishing their responses in an article chock-full of great tips.

Make a great first impression

Here’s what our own Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing at Glance Networks, had to say about the matter:

The worst way to introduce yourself is with a pitch. Instead, start by asking about the person with whom you are speaking. Find out what he or she does and needs and make the conversation personal. Not only are people happy when you show interest in them, but what they have to say will help you angle your pitch in the future.

Find out what the rest of the experts say

Ready to hear the rest of the advice that these experts have to say? Check out the full article here: Expert Tips on How to Make a Great First Impression in Business.

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