What is Lifecycle Marketing?


Recently, 55 marketing experts were asked to define the three most important aspects of lifecycle marketing. Among the professionals polled was Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing at Glance Networks.

The Glance Networks Concept of Lifecycle Marketing

Holly was quoted saying the following about lifecycle marketing:

The three key elements of a successful lifecycle marketing campaign are self-service channels, responsive channels, and live channels. You need all three in order to comprehensively cover your bases.

On the attraction side, it’s important that you provide material for prospects who do their own research. Self-service channels include your website and external publications. Provide clear and helpful content about your products/services on your website, thought leadership pieces on your blog, and informational pieces in various external publications.

This kind of content allows prospects to discover that you have the solution to their problems.

When you get to the selling part of the process, you need to be looking more into responsive channels. This includes email, social media, and other venues that allow you to connect on a more personal level with your audience. Here you can start to answer some basic questions and move prospects towards becoming customers.

Overlapping with the sell and moving into the “wow” phase, live channels become key. Here is where you have the truly high-value proposition. It is with live channels like phone and visual engagement solutions (cobrowse, one-way agent video, etc.) that you will close the deal, provide onboarding and support, and create long-term advocates that will both renew and spread the word about how amazing you are.

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