14 Effective Ways To Keep Brainstorming Sessions On Track


Brainstorming sessions are a great way to solve problems and envision marketing campaigns, but they’re often a mixed bag. You can harness the collective power of your team, each with unique backgrounds and new approaches to the issue at hand. But too many voices contributing to a conversation may lead to chaos and confusion — and ultimately getting very little accomplished.

Yet that doesn’t invalidate the power of a good brainstorming session. To get the most out of a brainstorm, you need to strike the right balance between creative freedom and clearly defined parameters. For more specific advice, Forbes turned to a variety of experts on the Forbes Communications Council, including Glance Networks’ Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing.

Set parameters and goals from the start

Here’s the advice that Holly had to share about how she works to keep brainstorming sessions on track:

Be clear from the start about the parameters of the campaign (e.g., budget or timeline) and your goals (e.g. branding or number of leads). There’s lots of room for creativity in between. However, if you don’t explain your restrictions and goals, your brainstorming session will be unfocused and you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for.

Learn more about how to keep brainstorming sessions on track

At Glance Networks, we love to brainstorm not only within the company, but with our customers as well. Getting feedback from customers is a critical part of our improvement process. We make it a priority to build visual engagement solutions that will best fill our customers changing and growing requirements, whether it is around enterprise-grade security, omni-channel visibility, scalability, or any other aspect of our solutions.

Ready for more great ideas about how to keep brainstorming sessions producing amazing outcomes? Check out what the rest of the communications professionals had to say in the complete Forbes article: 14 Effective Ways To Keep Brainstorming Sessions On Track.

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