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If you respect your customers, they are more likely to respond positively to you and you will increase customer satisfaction.

That sounds pretty simple and straightforward, right? At the same time, it’s often not easy to find the respectful interaction that will work for both you and your customers. This issue especially becomes apparent in the multi-channel, online world of today’s fast-paced businesses and customers.

While perhaps not every company will achieve glowing satisfaction ratings like Zappos or the Ritz (though every company should try), there are at least a few basics that you can follow.

What’s the benefit? People who have a respectful experience are more likely to be repeat customers. Moreover, they are likely to share their experience with their friends and families. Word of mouth is a powerful influencer in the buying cycle.

Making customer satisfaction blossom

In this article on Business2Community, Glance Vice President of Marketing Holly Chessman shows readers how to utilize both self service methods and visual engagement tools such as co-browse and screen sharing to create a unique and positive customer experience.

Read the complete article to learn more about how to make visual engagement and self-service a great combination for encouraging the growth of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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