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Glance Networks, a visual engagement solutions software company, today announced enhancements to its cobrowse platform. The updates include unique modules that enable people to instantly and proactively share a browser view without downloads or additional permissions. The new capabilities continue to expand Glance’s potential to allow sales, support and service agents to visually collaborate with their customers.

Our next generation co-browse solution is just the starting point. The new modules that we’ve added boost online interactions to a whole new level:

  • Cobrowse CRM – Combine the power of integrating our cobrowsing solution with your CRM to measure the impact of cobrowse on FCR, AHT, and more to make conversations more meaningful.  Glance has out-of-the-box integrations with, Zendesk and others. In addition, Glance APIs allow customers to integrate to almost any solution.
  • Cobrowse Connect – Expand your CRM’s reach with proactive notification that your customers are online. Customer service agents can proactively initiate a cobrowing session without the customer doing anything, shortening time to resolution by removing the need to ask questions like, “Are you online?” and “What do you see?”.
  • Cobrowse Outreach – Be notified in real-time as to which high-value customers are online. Sales representatives can then instantly reach out to these customers to provide concierge-level assistance and close the deal.
  • Browse-With-Me – Bring self-service to a new level by empowering customers to browse with other experts, family members and friends, sharing anything from financial paperwork to furniture options online.

Glance Cobrowse – Next Generation Visual Engagement

Ready to learn more about the new cobrowsing features? You are not alone! The press release was picked up by numerous publications and you can check out the full and complete story here: Glance Networks Announces New Cobrowse Feature Expansion.

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