Getting CEO Buy-In For Critical Corporate Initiatives


As the leader of a company, the CEO is a critical supporter of any operation. The CEO has to provide input into all key functions within the company, offering guidance and support on major initiatives. At the same time, some CEOs underestimate the importance of a strong marketing team. The focus then is shone more on what other departments, such as production and sales, can do to push the business forward. How can businesses avoid this mistake and get CEO buy-in from the get-go?

A study by UK-based Fournaise Group showed that 80% of CEOs don’t really trust marketers. In fact, 73% of surveyed CEOs believe marketing team members don’t have business credibility or the ability to generate growth. Where does this distrust come from and how can it be overcome?

CEO buy-in for customer participation

Forbes asked a team of marketing professionals for their ideas on how to best integrate marketing within the company as a whole and the office of the CEO specifically. One of those experts polled was Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing here at Glance Networks. Here’s what she had to say.

When the CEO makes it a priority for sales and customer success to provide great customer references, the stories will flow. Customer success stories are powerful tools, providing third-party validation that your offerings are stellar. If sales and customer success teams are incentivized to provide customers who will be great references, marketing can produce more stories and revenue will grow.

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