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In this article, author Barb Mosher Zinck discusses exactly why it’s more important to focus on effortless customer experience rather than great customer experience.

When everyone talks about delivering great customer experiences, they talk about how to you need to go above and beyond customer expectations, you have to leave them in awe of your ability to “surprise” and “delight” them. This need to wow is what many think drives customer loyalty.

But the reality may just be totally different.

The effortless customer experience made real

She also talks about the way in which Glance Networks is working to make the effortless experience a reality.

In a conversation with Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, we talked about customer acquisition and the idea of 30-day churn. During his time at Verizon, he said 30-day churn was the most critical portion of the business. If they could get a customer on board and stable for 30 days, there was a greater percentage chance of keeping the customer longer. He said there were key interactions points, that if handled right could maintain that upwards trajectory or increase it, and if not, decrease it. So they spent a lot of time thinking about interactions, and how they could improve the online journey through intuitive and humanized interactions.

Now at Glance Networks, Martin and his team have a different approach to solving the problems he worked on while at Verizon, and through a lot of research, they have found their own take on Dixon’s theories of effortless experience.

They looked at the key interactions that drive customer and business relationships. What they found through their research is that people like the self-service model but also recognize there are points in time when they want to talk to someone. And they want that human connection to be instantaneous, relevant and effortless. Martin says, if an organization can do that, it can dramatically change the loyalty factor. You only have to think about services like Amazon one-click to see what he means.

The path Glance Network has taken to effortless customer experience takes the notion of online customer support and turns it on its head a bit. It also changes the way organizations can acquire, onboard, and upsell.

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