How To Burst The Online Customer Frustration Bubble


I’ve experienced online customer frustration more than once. The cause has included user error, website issues, requiring more information than is provided and everything in between. Whatever the source of the problem, I’ve come away with the conclusion that every business should invest in a few methods to de-escalate these situations.

Many organizations have implemented automated customer assistance tools. It has become standard to see anything from support sites with search options to bots that can answer a multitude of questions. This investment was made in an attempt to avoid online customer frustration without requiring human intervention.

Self-service is great to a certain extent. I like having the option to do my own research and figure out what I can. That said, I need to place extra emphasis on the word “option,” because that implies there are other choices, too. When self-service is the only way to go, it leads to extreme online customer frustration.

The view through the bubble ain’t pretty

According to Accenture, nearly two-thirds of consumers use online sales, marketing and customer service options. At the same time, more than half look for a purchase process to be as fast as possible with as little effort as possible.

While self-service may have been developed to reduce effort, there are definitely situations where it does the opposite. In the quest to expedite customer exchanges, many companies have alienated their customers. These days, when folks online can switch from site to site as fast as they can type, that spells trouble.

Even worse, customers are ready to take to social media to complain. Research shows that 95% of customers share bad customer experiences with others. I know I do, and I have a lot of followers who listen to what I say.

It’s time to rectify the situation. Mind you, that doesn’t mean you have to throw out your self-service options or completely overhaul your systems. You can tweak your processes to make that online customer frustration bubble gently melt away.

Burst the online customer frustration bubble

Ready to learn more about how Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing at Glance Networks, suggests you deflate customer aggravation? Check out the full article here: How to Burst the Online Customer Frustration Bubble.

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