How To Include Customers In Your Marketing Efforts


Ready to learn about how Glance Networks worked with Intuit to create a wonderful customer story? This Forbes article focuses on how you can use those same techniques to bring customers into your own company’s marketing efforts.

Including customers in your marketing efforts

Here’s what Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing at Glance Networks, has to say about the matter:

I can say all I want about how wonderful my company’s solutions are. Yet there is no doubt that those reading my words will consider me more than slightly biased — and rightly so.

When our customers say that our solutions are amazing, though, their words hold a great deal of weight. When they can provide actual hard data to emphasize their praise, their stories become game changers.

That’s why we include customers in our marketing efforts.

Ready to find out more?

This article discusses how to approach customers, what options you can give your customers for participating in a customer reference program, how to get the most out of your customer meetings, and how to promote your customer stories once they have reached completion.

If you want to discover how you can achieve similar results to the Glance Networks team, check out the full article in Forbes: How to Include Customers in Your Marketing Efforts.

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