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Visual engagement refers to the practice of using technology to make customers feel as though there were a person in the room with them, guiding them through online processes. With visual engagement technology like cobrowse and screen share, agents can instantly see customers’ screens and take customers through complex transactions, processes, forms, demos and more.

Chat and phone support are good places to start for providing a humanized customer experience, but visual engagement takes the situation to the next level, bringing true efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.

Cobrowse and screen share are the two key visual engagement technologies that are used to enable organizations to achieve this goal. But there is still some confusion in the market about the two technologies.

What exactly can a cobrowse solution do? And how is it different from a screen sharing solution?

Cobrowse vs Screen Share – the Definitive Infographic

This article in Business2Community contains some great information about the differences between cobrowse and screen share and how they fit into an online customer experience program. Even better, however, is the fact that it contains a great infographic that graphically shows a variety of things. For instance, check out the infographic to learn things like what each technology (cobrowse and screen share) can do, how it’s used in real business case scenarios, questions to ask yourself about visual engagement technology, and what to look for when you’re ready to buy.

The infographic is a good piece to take to your manager if you are ready to add visual engagement technology to your customer experience program. It will help educate people about the technologies and also help you frame the reasons your business should be supercharging the online experience.

Check out the full article and infographic from Business2Community here: What is Cobrowse and How is it Different From Screen Share? [INFOGRAPHIC].

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