Glance Launches New Cobrowse Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Glance Networks rolled out its visual engagement solution, Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and made it available on the Microsoft AppSource. This new solution makes it easy to launch their flagship product, Glance Cobrowse, directly from within a business’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance.

Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 utilizes cobrowsing to make online interactions between companies and their customers instant, intelligent, and visual. With it, companies can enable their customer service agents to launch collaborative sessions with customers who are in on the company’s website. With Glance Cobrowse, users can instantly and securely share a browser view, removing the need for unnecessary effort answering questions like, “Are you on the website?” and “What do you see now?”.

Once the application is downloaded into Microsoft Dynamics, cobrowsing sessions can be started by clicking on the Glance Cobrowse icon that appears on any Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact or account.

“We are very excited to make Glance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 available today to companies that are looking for ways to conduct business easier,” said Tom Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, in a statement. “This will help to boost the customer experience with our easy-to-use and reliable visual engagement solution.”


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