Chat Bots vs Humans – When Should You Be Using Humans Instead of AI?


There’s a lot of talk these days about the power of the bot to transform the way we think about customer service. Bots augment customer service, providing more in-depth “self service” options for online customers. But will using bots for customer service remove humans from the scene? Will it be a showdown of chat bots vs humans? Or are there times when you should be using humans instead of bots?

Self-service vs responsive service vs live service

This article, written by Holly Chessman, Glance Networks’ Vice President of Marketing, discusses when you should use AI and when human beings provide great value.

Customers will always be looking for a variety of ways to contact customer support. Self-service will work great for some, responsive (like social media or email) for others, and still others will really need to talk to an agent. All should be valid and accessible paths. Rather than making it a chat bots vs humans situation, companies should be using a mix of the two.

One of the more interesting points is that while there will never be a point when you will take humans completely out of the pictures, humans and bots can work together seamlessly to create an effortless customer experience. Whether you are using bots for self-service situations, bots to help customer service employees find answers faster, or bots to hand complex questions off to live customer service agents, the two can work together symbiotically.

Chat bots vs humans – the full story

Read the full article about chat bots vs humans on Business2Community here: When Do You Need to Use Humans Instead of Bots for Customer Service?

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