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In this article, Barb Mosher Zinck discusses the ways in which Glance Networks uses visual engagement to create an effortless customer experience.

Thomas Martin, CEO of Glance Networks, knows a little bit about making customers happy and driving loyalty. You may think you know the answer: create great customer experiences. But what exactly is a great customer experience, particularly when it comes to providing service and support? Is it having a call center agent ready to help with the dial of a phone?

Is it having multiple channels available to solve issues including phone, chat, mobile, web and so on? Is it all about delighting and exceeding customer expectations? Is it rewards and incentives? Incentives such as a $400 VISA card for converting (something Verizon offered during his tenure there).

No, says Martin, it’s about helping them solve their problems quickly and easily.

And that’s where Glance Network’s visual engagement solutions come in. By incorporating integrated co-browse, screen sharing, video and more, Glance provides companies with a humanized, engaging way to interact with customers. Conversations become easier for both agents and customers, which makes for a better overall interaction.

Visual engagement for the win

The fascinating conversation goes into detail about the ways in which visual engagement improves business’ bottom lines as well as making for a better customer interaction. Referencing research from the Aberdeen firm, Barb notes:

Having this instant visual contact can help reduce costs and grow revenues. It gives the agent immediate insight into the customer issue and can help decrease the amount of time it takes to deal with the call. This makes the customer happy and increases the agent’s productivity.

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