How To Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

It’s difficult to figure out how best to boost customer loyalty and retention. Getting people emotionally attached to your brand is the work of months, if not years. Fully engaged people are regulars, know exactly what they want and often serve as brand advocates.

That means keeping your top clients motivated is crucial for your long-term success. Options include everything from offering personalized discounts and early sneak peeks of products to building online communities and collaborating with top-tier clients at industry events.

So which process should you focus on? Or is it better to marry together several different techniques to get the best results?

To find out the answer to these questions, Forbes polled it’s community of experts. Among them was Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing at Glance Networks.

Offer concierge service

Here’s what Holly had to say:

Today’s online customers are looking for outstanding customer experiences. One way to provide that is to offer your best customers concierge service. Agents can instantly share a browser view with customers, giving them personal guidance so they can easily find exactly what they need or receive help whenever they have questions. Add video to that conversation and you’ve got a sure winner.


Visual engagement tools like cobrowse and one-way agent video provide customers with the high-touch, personalized service they are looking for. It’s a big win for contact centers and sales teams alike.

Find out tactics for boosting customer loyalty and retention

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