Are you Appealing to Your Customers’ Senses? – Aberdeen


Aberdeen research surveyed 215 organizations for its December 2015 study, Omni-Channel Customer Care: Best-in-Class Steps to Success. Among the companies surveyed, 59% indicated that they use visual engagement tools: tools and technologies that allow companies to visually interact with current and future customers through digital channels. Visual engagement tools include co-browsing, screen sharing and video, such as those services Glance Networks provides.

In fact, their research indicates customer experience management (CEM) is less about processes and technologies and more about creating an effortless experience that incorporates a humanized, visual interaction.

It is with that in mind that Aberdeen, in conjunction with Glance Networks, will be running a webinar on the subject of visual engagement.

Learn how to use customers’ senses to make experience effortless

Join us at 1pm EST on April 12th, when Aberdeen’s Omer Minkara will be presenting his findings during a live webinar. In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • The “What” and “Why” of Visual Engagement
  • The Three Levels of Maturity in Visual Engagement Programs
  • How to Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • The Importance of Integrating Technology Systems

During the event, you’ll also have a chance to share your questions on the topic. So come prepared to have your questions addressed by Omer Minkara and Tom Martin, Glance CEO. It will be a great chance to learn more about visual engagement as well as figure out where your company is on the maturity spectrum.

If you can’t take time out of your busy workday, consider registering for the webinar anyway, and we’ll send you the recording to enjoy at your leisure.


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