6 Ways Cobrowsing Transforms Customer Service – Business2Community

Cobrowsing is an exciting technology that empowers customer service organizations provide crucial customer support in real time. Agents who cobrowse are able to overcome many of the difficulties service call center support staff experience usually when trying to help clients.

This awesome new visual engagement technology allows customers and service support agents to see and share exactly the same information on their browsers and, through this process, to quickly and efficiently resolve issues. Once customer issues have been resolved satisfactorily, there is even an opportunity to offer additional products and services, thereby improving the bottom line.

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This article contains six ways cobrowsing transforms online customer service and the customer experience. For example, customers using cobrowse are more satisfied with their online experience. In addition, reduction in effort to complete tasks online means calls are faster and both customers and agents are happier.

Read the full article and find out whether you’re ready to experience the benefits of using visual engagement technology for your own business. Check out the entire article on Business2Community: 6 Ways Cobrowsing Transforms Customer Service.

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