52 Ideas for Sharable Content Creation – Maximize Social Business


Content creation can be difficult, especially if you are attempting to compose a variety of interesting pieces to cover the entire customer journey. Have you ever felt that lump of abject dread in your stomach when you stared at the keyboard, trying to fuel ideas for new content?

Fear no more! It’s time to start creating content! And not just any content – shareable content that visitors will find interesting and informative (which is, of course, the ultimate goal).

How to make content creation easy for the entire year

While producing new content daily is a lofty goal that not all of us can achieve (especially those of us with smaller marketing teams), I have full confidence you can develop at least one piece for each week of the year. And then those pieces can be used to create new pieces, like turning a blog post into an infographic, slides, ebook, and more! In fact, you can even adjust the content you write to better fit the beginning of the customer journey, the middle of the funnel, or the point of sales.

To get your creative juices flowing and break through that writer’s block, this article contains 52 awesome concepts that will inspire you to put together infinitely shareable content. Use one of these content creation idea each week and you will be good to go for the entire year! And then you can start the list all over again, with new twists on the old ideas!

Are you ready to read more and get started putting together your very own sharable content? If you answered yes, then you should go ahead and read the full article by our very own Holly Chessman, Vice President of Marketing at Glance Networks, on the Maximize Social Business blog: 52 Ideas for Shareable Content Creation.