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Have you heard of headline tools? If not, maybe it’s time you looked into them.

Are you creating high-quality content yet experiencing little traffic? Maybe you’re wondering why even though you’re posting on multiple channels no one is clicking on the headline you’re sharing on social media and checking out your content?

If so, it’s time to start thinking about improving your headlines.

In content marketing, more important than likes and shares is click-through. Social media channels give you only seconds to attract a reader’s attention. A good content marketer knows that you should spend as much (if not more) time on your headline as on the rest of your copy.

How important is a good headline, really?

How critical is your headline? According to Quicksprout, sometimes a one-word change can increase click-throughs by as much as 46%.

But how to you get to that “perfect” headline?

There’s loads of advice on how to write the most effective lines:

  • Use emotional words
  • Be useful (like “How to” content or lists)
  • Use keywords
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Offer value

All of this is valid and true. However, for time-crunched individuals (read: all of us), it can be a challenge to spend hours perfecting the most click-worthy text. That’s where tools come in handy.

Ready to learn about headline tools?

If you’re pumped to learn about a whole bunch of free – yes, I said free – headline tools, then it’s time to check out the full length article written by Glance Network’s VP of Marketing, Holly Chessman, posted on Maximize Social Business. The five spectacular free headline tools listed in the article will allow you to boost your content marketing efforts by making your eye-catching content irresistible.

Read the full article here: 5 Free Headline Tools to Make Your Eye-Catching Content Irresistible.

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