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Creating content is good, but making your writing sharable is even better. This concept was proven out at the recent Social Media Marketing World conference, where attendees spent days focused on learning new ways to break through the noise. And it is noisy out there (and getting louder all the time)!

Some of the amazing statistics about online data that were provided at the conference include:

  • Content is doubling every 9-24 months online (via Derral Eves)
  • Data will increase by 500% by 2020 (via Mark Schaefer)
  • 85% say reading content that other people share helps them understand and process brand information and events (via Mark Schaefer)

One of my favorite quotes of the conference was this piece of wisdom from Mark Schaefer:

Great content is no longer the finish line – it’s the starting line

Seems a little discouraging when we spend all that time and energy getting our thoughts published. But it really just opens the door to some great marketing opportunities.

Content marketing really involves marketing

Content creation is a difficult piece to get down just right. However, no matter how wonderful your blog is and how in-depth and fascinating your articles are, if no one is sharing the material, you’re basically shouting into the void.

There are some simple steps you can take to improve your chances of others sharing your content. And don’t forget that you, too, need to be doing some sharing. After all, if you don’t take the time to share your pieces, why should anyone else?

Discover 5 easy tips to get you going

While it does take some time to do it right, it’s not difficult to make your blog into a sharing machine. So let’s get beyond the starting line and create a winning strategy. Follow the five critical steps listed in the Maximize Social Business article and you’ll be on your way.

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