14 Soft Skills To Cultivate To Become A Better Communicator


Clear communications has become of key importance in today’s online world. The ability to both listen to and appropriately share information with your customers and others within the business can make or break your career. Aside from the broad skills typically demanded of any efficient communicator in today’s digital landscape, there is also an increased focus on soft skills and their importance on the job.

According to research from marketing information firm Econsultancy, most senior marketers value soft skills just as much as technical and broad abilities, and think that the most important soft skill an efficient marketing leader should have is adaptability. Other soft skills included in the list are passion, inquisitiveness, openness and the ability to collaborate.

Forbes asked 14 communications professionals to provide their input on what soft skills are the most important to cultivate in this new online world. Among them was Holly Chessman, VP of Marketing here at Glance Networks.

Listening to constructive criticism to become a better communicator

Holly has been working in the realm of communications for around 20 years, so she has had ample opportunity to tune up both her soft and hard skills. Here’s what she had to say about one of the most important skills that she has cultivated:

Be ready to listen to all constructive criticism. Remember, it’s not aimed at you personally. Instead, those providing the comments are trying to help you develop a better, more effective product. Of course, you don’t have to incorporate every piece of criticism. But listen with an open mind and you will discover some great nuggets that will improve your end results.

More soft skills to improve your communications skills

Ready to learn more soft skills to become a better communicator? Read what the other communications experts had to say in this Forbes article: 14 Soft Skills to Cultivate to Become a Better Communicator.

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