12 Common Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid


There are many common copywriting mistakes that happen on a regular basis. After all, writing high-quality copy that is both valuable for your brand and has what it takes to convert more leads is not as easy as it sounds.

Whether you write your content in house or hire an expert copywriter, you still need to ensure the content you put out is compelling and representative of what your business stands for. So how can you make sure your copy is written in the right voice? How can you avoid dangerous copywriting pitfalls and engage with your audience on a new level, offering them valuable insight and turning them into loyal customers in the process?

Forbes asked 12 communications professional these questions. Among the experts polled was Glance Networks’ VP of Marketing, Holly Chessman.

Optimizing Your Headline

Here’s what Holly had to say about the matter:

You can write a snappy, pun-filled headline, but if no one reads it, who cares? When writing headlines, you must use keywords and phrases that people will search on, make sure your title gives enough information about the article’s content to be useful, and use headline tools to make sure your title has the right level of urgency.

Looking for some great headline tools to get you there? Try reading another article by Holly for Maximize Social Business, 5 Free Headline Tools to Make Your Eye-Catching Content Irresistible.

More Common Copywriting Mistakes

Ready to learn how to avoid even more common copywriting mistakes? Check out the full article in Forbes: 12 Common Copywriting Mistakes You Could Be Making.

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