11 Smart Ways To Get Free PR For Your Brand


Getting free PR for your brand is a key strategy for any company. At the same time, getting press coverage for your business has become increasingly difficult. Many thousands of press releases are sent out every day. Journalists are being inundated with pitches for new products and events.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, good PR will not only get your name out there, but will also help you build your reputation and ultimately increase your customer base. But standing out from the crowd, even if you have a killer product or idea, is not as easy as it sounds without the right strategy.

That’s why Forbes asked eleven communications executives from the Forbes Communications Council to share some of their time-proven tips for gaining the attention your company needs.

Getting free PR for your brand is a long game

Holly Chessman, Glance Networks VP of Marketing, acknowledges that it can take a bit of time to build the relationships you need in order to have your voice be heard. When asked the question by Forbes, she had this to say:

People want to promote others they know, trust and like. The deeper your relationships with specific media folks, the more likely they will be to look to you as an expert. Moreover, provide them with valuable information, such as other expert or source recommendations, even when it doesn’t profit you. Make yourself likable and useful and you will go far.

More advice from professionals in the know

Ready to hear what the rest of the marketing experts had to say about getting free PR for your brand? Read the full article on Forbes: 11 Smart Ways to Get Free PR for Your Brand.

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