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Do I NEED Visual Engagement Software?

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Have you ever contacted customer support looking for help with a product or service, but instead of immediately addressing the issue-at-hand, you wasted time trying to follow along with a customer service agent in the “20 questions” game?

For instance, maybe you were having trouble finding a form on the agent’s website. The agent may have asked you, “What do you see?” “Can you click on it?” “Now what do you see?” The frustration escalates as communication breaks down since neither of you can see what the other is talking about.

Visual customer engagement software solves these online headaches by instantly connecting agents and customers to an interactive view of content wherever it resides.

Do I need visual engagement software? is a free eBook that poses 10 questions that you can ask yourself to determine if your company is ready to visually communicate better with its online customers.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Are you conducting a large amount of business online?
  2. Are you interested in improving the customer experience?
  3. Are you working with a complex offering that may confuse your customers?

Fill out the form to receive your free eBook to review the remaining questions and learn if visual engagement is right for you!

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Do I need Visual Engagement Software?

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