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Join your customers in your app or website and deliver the human-to-human guidance they need.

Guided Customer Experience

Glance Guided CX Solutions

Sharing & collaboration technologies tailored to transform your enterprise

Glance’s Guided Customer Experience technologies work together like one of those rare highly-functional families.

Glance uses best-in-class patented technologies and our two decades of expertise to tailor for you a cloud-based Guided CX solution with the same human element as an in-person interaction. Glance improves your digital customer engagements by letting your sales rep, service rep, or trainer instantly join the customer in your website or app, see their screen, and deliver human-to-human guidance.


When TurboTax users have a question, Intuit service agents and tax experts use Glance to join them in the app for an interactive tax consultation.

Metrigy eBook

Guided CX: Establish Convenient, Contextual Customer Experience That Drives Measurable Business Value

Download the eBook written by Metrigy Research Strategic Consulting and Advising to learn:

  • How Guided CX enables increased revenue.
  • How to enhance the customer experience with Guided CX.
  • Why visual engagement increases agent efficiency.
  • How to identify key situations that are ripe for Guided CX.

Human everywhere: cobrowse that connects

Glance provides out-of-the-box integrations.

Prebuilt integrations and open APIs enable Glance to launch with just one click from any CRM, agent desktop, or contact center technology. Agents and customers join a cobrowse session easily, reducing friction during both the customer and the agent experience. And cobrowse session data is automatically logged in the integrated system to demonstrate the positive impact of cobrowse on KPIs.

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