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A Taxonomy of Hidden CX Frustrations

Where is your customer experience (CX) going wrong? It's not always obvious

In fact, it’s often practically invisible. There are a ton of opaque obstacles messing up your customer journeys that you won’t ever hear about from your customers. They might seem relatively small, but these minute barriers and micro pitfalls are the biggest threat to your CX ambitions – and it’s time to pull them out of the blindspot into the spotlight.

That's why we've decided to name, explain (and shame) 9 of the biggest Hidden CX Frustrations – and recommend ways you might go about dealing with them. Scroll down for a list of customer headaches that could be losing you business.

Communication roadblocks

When you're talking to customers, but not getting through

Articulation Frustration

[Noun.] The laborious process of customers and agents describing and solving a visual problem in words, thereby weakening the effectiveness of the call.

Repetitive Explain Injury

[Noun.] A chronic condition in which having to repeatedly explain the same issue to multiple service agents causes customers intense pain in the neck and/or ass.

Issue Amnesia

[Noun.] A short-term memory condition affecting customers who've spent so long getting one issue solved by a contact center that they forget that there may be more issues.

Empathy misfires

When you misjudge what customers really need

Robot Rage

[Noun] Sudden, violent anger provoked in a customer by a frustrating interaction with a chatbot or IVR that's unequipped to handle their complex and/or emotional inquiry.


[Noun.] An alienated mental state customers lapse into when kept in ignorance (not blissful) as to the actions of the contact center agent they're speaking to.


[Noun.] A digital customer who's been temporarily (and infuriatingly) transformed into an unpaid employee by the burden of work placed on them by a business.

Usability fails

When technology obstacles hold you back


[Plural noun] Abbr. for the multitude of 'in-Frequently Asked Questions' that customers can't find an answer for themselves by consulting your website's FAQ section.


[Noun.] Insult flung at smartphones by those unsuccessfully attempting to use them to perform non-smartphone-friendly transactions (e.g. filing an insurance claims form).

Bugged Out

[Adj.] Dissuaded or ejected from taking a web journey by an obstructive bug or glitch.

Any Hidden CX Frustrations you think we've missed out here?

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We've named them. Now let's fix them.

Solving any of these problems in isolation is a daunting prospect, involving a lot of time, effort - and budget. Let alone solving all of them.

But there is something you can do to help reduce all of these frustrations (and actually eliminate some of them) in one go. We call it Guidance.

It's about giving your agents the visually engaging, frictionlessly launched tools they need to guide customers around any CX obstacle, in real-time.

When you bring Guidance into your customer experience, something magical happens - we call that Guided CX.

We’d love to show you what Guided CX can do for your business. We can do it with a 15 minute, non-pushy demo.

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