Guided CX for Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance is undergoing a digital transformation, and with increasing competition, offering standout digital customer experiences can make all the difference. Today’s healthcare insurance consumer expects frictionless technologies, on-demand service, and the same compassionate, human-to-human guidance they’d receive in-person.

Glance empowers healthcare insurance organizations to convey empathy in digital moments that matter. By enabling customer service representatives to join customers in your app or website, guided customer experiences with Glance can create real human connections right when they’re needed most: supporting new customer onboarding, claims management, questions about coverage, and plan renewals.

According to a Forrester poll, the stakes have never been higher. Members said they were more likely to stick with an insurer that made them feel appreciated, respected and valued, while they were pushed away by disappointing or frustrating interactions.

Our healthcare insurance customers

Improve Customer and Provider Support

Provide online experiences that rival face-to-face. Glance’s Guided CX solutions enable you to provide standout, human-to-human support to build trust and convey compassion.

Support Health Benefits and Claims Processes

Benefits and claims processes can be challenging for customers to navigate, especially when they’re facing a difficult or stressful life event. Glance lets you see the screen of the provider, member, or beneficiary, and provide personal, compassionate guidance when they need it most.

Provide a Frustration-Free Enrollment Experience

Eliminate frustration and make enrollment stress-free, especially for members who are newer to technology. Glance lets you join your customer in their browser or app, view what they’re seeing, and guide them through a personalized and expedited application and enrollment process.


Human-centered digital healthcare experiences drive measurable outcomes, based on customer feedback

Glance has demonstrated throughout the healthcare industry to provide measurable results that yield better outcomes for customers, providers, and payer organizations.

Boost CSAT + NPS

Improve AHT and FCR

Increase agent satisfaction


Top health insurance provider improves CSAT with Glance

A top-five industry provider leveraged Glance for healthcare enrollment support for those new to Medicare. Using Cobrowse with Screen Share and Chat, along with Salesforce integration, they were able to:

  • Improve online portal adoption and use
  • Create operational efficiencies and improve overall satisfaction among customers, agents, and brokers
  • Increase CSAT for Medicare Star Ratings
How to improve customer service in healthcare


Healthcare clearinghouse improves first call resolution

A Healthcare CRM company leveraged Glance to improve their portal support experience for healthcare payers. They launched Cobrowse with one-click from Salesforce and yielded:

  • Reduced AHT on high-value inquiries
  • Increased time-to-revenue by improving FCR ratios
  • Improved employee experience
  • Increased CSAT and NPS scores among providers and payers

Cultivating personal customer experiences in healthcare

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