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Glance is the most comprehensive and proven Visual Engagement Platform for companies that need to visually guide and share video with mobile app customers. With thousands of agents and millions of minutes of usage per year in Financial Services and other industries, Glance can rapidly enable your team to support mobile users with in-app calling, video and screen-sharing. And, Glance works with your existing contact center infrastructure with no need for dedicated WebRTC-equipped agents.

Glance Visual Engagement Platform is deeply integrated with Salesforce

Learn more about how Glance Mobile App Sharing works with the Glance Lightning Component for Salesforce.

Glance is one of the world’s simplest, most reliable, and secure solutions that empowers enterprises to see, show, and share anything with digitally connected customers.

See the problem
Glance enables your agents to instantly see what users are seeing on-screen, to quickly understand problems and guide them to a speedy solution.

Guide the solution
The agent can highlight elements on the customer’s screen including text, graphics, form fields, and navigation controls. Agents can guide the customer and follow from page to page as the customer navigates the website or app.

Build a human-to-human connection
Glance Agent Video lets the customer see a live, real-time video feed of the agent’s friendly face during the sharing session. It’s proven to raise customer satisfaction scores, humanize your brand, build trust, and de-escalate tense engagements.

Measure the impact
Glance automatically logs each sharing session in Salesforce. That enables management to inspect agent activity, or report on the impact of visual engagement on case resolution, handle time, customer satisfaction scores, revenue, agent productivity, and other KPIs tracked in the CRM.

Frictionless customer engagement
Glance 1-Click Connect™ lets the agent launch a sharing session with one mouse-click – no need for the customer to download or install a sharing client – for the ultimate in elegant, frictionless customer engagement.

Seamless integration with Salesforce
Embed Glance functionality into any Salesforce object, including the lead, contact, case, Salesforce chat, or even custom objects. The Glance AppExchange Package includes a native Lightning Component

Works on any desktop computer and any mobile device
Agents can see the screen of users of your desktop software, website, browser-based app, or native mobile app. Glance gives you a consistent agent and customer experience on every digital platform.

Enterprise scalability & security
Glance is enterprise-proven in some of the largest companies and high-volume contact centers in the world. Glance is engineered to comply with strict customer privacy and security requirements, perfect for financial services, healthcare, software, and insurance.

Granular agent provisioning
Salesforce admins can manage users and teams, provisioning various Glance capabilities to agents based on their skill level, experience, and the nature of the customer engagement.


Glance Salesforce AppExchange

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Get up and running fast with Glance

Embed Glance into the Salesforce lead, contact, case, or any other object (even custom objects)

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