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Glance Cobrowse Data Sheet

Glance Cobrowse Datasheet

With Glance Cobrowse, you can see what your customers see and guide them through processes in real time—as though you were in the room together. Use cobrowsing software to cut through confusion by instantly and securely sharing a browser view with customers, partners, and prospects. Demo products, upsell, onboard and help customers, and more.

With Glance Cobrowse, you can easily:

  • Improve Net Promoter Score results
  • Remove questions like, “What do you see?”
  • Make conversations relevant and effortless
  • Promote a positive customer experience
  • Build lifetime customer loyalty

Fill out the form and download the data sheet today to learn more about how Glance cobrowsing software can lower costs and improve the bottom line for your business.

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