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Glance Video

Embed 1-way, 2-way and Multi-way video directly into your cobrowsing experience for less stressful, more empathetic interactions with your customers.

The fastest face-to-face around (without hyperlinks)

Unlike other online video chat tools, customers don’t have to download and install anything to use Glance – or even follow a hyperlink.

If they’re on your website or app and talking to an agent, they can get into a video chat (harnessing their device’s on-board video equipment) with just a few clicks of their mouse.


Go 1-way or 2-way for one-on-one conversations

With 1-way video they can see your face. With 2-way video (and with their permission), you can see theirs, too.

This has a magic effect on agent-to-customer interactions, building empathy and trust faster than a voice-only conversation can – and humanizing your digital customer experience.

Or Multi-way for collaborative multi-party sessions

If another party (or parties) needs to be brought into your conversation, that’s no problem whatsoever. Glance Video lets you have multiple people in the same secure video chat.

Combine this with Glance Cobrowse and multiple parties can collaborate in the same browser session. Each participant can gesture within the browser to help the conversation along.


Use their mobile camera to see them – or what they’re seeing

Access your customers’ mobile device cameras so you can see whatever they’re pointing it at, in real-time.

Now you can see their face through their front-cam for instant identity verification.

Or you can ask them to flip their camera so you can get eyes on the physical equipment you’re helping them to set up or fix. (Remote technical troubleshooting just got a lot easier.)


Experience it for yourself

Put yourself (and your business) into the picture with a live demo to appreciate just how powerful Glance Video will be for your agents and customers.

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