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Screen Share

Share your screen with customers to show them what you’re seeing. Deliver presentations and demos – or have them show you their screen to resolve browser-based issues in no time.

Share your screen instantly

Other screen share tools force customers to head to other URLs (often by following links in emails), or even to download and install software.

With Glance, screen sharing happens with one click. You can share your screen with them, whatever device or browser they’re on, without making them leave your brand experience (or your app, which you can embed Screen Share directly into).


Deliver full-screen demos and presentations

Immerse your customers in rich, full-screen, high definition experiences that feel slick, engaging and free from hiccups or off-screen disruptions – ideal for presenting to prospects or rapidly onboarding new users.


See (and annotate) your customer’s browser

When you need to see what a customer’s seeing, you can ask them to share their screen.

It’s just as fast sharing your screen with them, and you can make indicative gestures on it to quickly direct their focus and navigation.

And even take
control of it

With your eyes on their screen (and with the customer’s permission) you can use Remote Control to take charge of their computer – speeding up navigation and enabling you to make necessary configurations.


Experience it for yourself

Want to see how Screen Share can help you satisfy more customers, onboard more new users and sell to more prospects? We can help you there.

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