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Join your customers in-app to show them around, collaborate on tasks and show them how to use features.

1-click guidance in your app

On-demand guidance ensures your app always feels like a slick, convenient and complementary extension of your website.

With Glance Mobile App Share, your customers are only a click away from getting into an in-app sharing session with an agent. (No downloads or installations required.)


Introduce yourself (with the world’s first useful pop-up)

Glance Video delivers one-way video of your face to the customer’s screen as you chat via in-app VoIP call or their phone function. (Glance integrates easily with your contact center call routing tech.)

Now you’re not just an anonymous voice. You’re a friendly, empathetic face. You can now forge an agent-to-customer emotional connection, fast – and take the stress out of any conversation.


While seeing what they’re seeing

With visibility of the customer’s session view, you can instantly see where they are, where they need to go next and any issues they might have with proceeding.

As they move around the app, you’ll follow them with zero lag, so you can make sure they’re on the right track throughout their journey.


And not seeing what you shouldn’t

Fields containing (or requiring) sensitive customer information can be masked so you can’t see them, helping to preserve customer trust and regulatory compliance at all times.

You’ll also be unable to see anything happening off-app, be that their push notifications or another app. (So they can check for relevant details with no fear of being watched.)

Show customers what they need to do

Gesture, highlight and scroll to the app elements customers need to focus on and engage with on your screen – and they’ll see it on theirs.

This way you can guide app users swiftly along the path to resolution and transaction – without the need for wordy explanations and misunderstandings.

Experience it for yourself

You’re just a click and a short form away from seeing how on-demand guidance might look for your app. (SPOILER ALERT: It will look great.)

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