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Get on the same page as customers in less than 5 seconds – and work together in real-time.

Easy to launch for agents and customers

Glance makes it easy for agents and customers to seamlessly add cobrowse to their phone calls and web chats.

Everything happens in the browser (and within your brand experience). Customers don’t need to open, download or install anything – it just takes a few clicks to start securely cobrowsing.


See what they’re seeing

See exactly what the customer is seeing within your company’s website or app, in real-time, at all times.

Guide them across every page, menu, form and document, as though you were looking at the same screen.

Except when they leave your web page or app

Glance preserves trust and privacy. If a customer needs to leave your website or app during a session (to get some relevant information, for example), you won’t follow them.


Or when it’s something you shouldn’t see

Glance Cobrowse also lets you mask fields in your website and app that contain (or will contain) sensitive information – so you’ll never accidentally learn their private information.

That means more peace of mind for agents and customers – and faultless compliance for the business.


Show them what they need to do

Don’t just tell your customers what to do – use Glance to show them (without any long-winded explanations or guesswork).

The indicative gestures you make on your screen appear on their screen, guiding them effortlessly towards the buttons, fields and page elements they need to focus on.

Or take control and do it for them

Customers can always ask you to drive if they’d prefer it – and you can use Remote Control to take the wheel.

But they’re always protected. Your business can configure which buttons are only clickable by agents (like purchase confirmation) so everything is butterfinger-proof for agents.


Share documents with customers

Easily share relevant documentation with the customer – without disrupting the experience by asking them to go and find it in an email.

Plus, once they can see it, you can direct their attention to the important parts using the same gesturing mechanics.

And have them share documents with you

Customers can just as easily share relevant documents with you using Glance – without leaving their browser window. You just need to send them a request they can drag and drop a doc into.

And no need to worry about the compliance ramifications – the customer’s document will never touch your servers, so you’ll never be its custodian.


Experience it for yourself

We’re excited to show you exactly what seamless, secure and feature-rich cobrowsing will do for your customer experience.

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