MINDBODY lifted customer satisfaction & product adoption with Glance.

Glance helped MINDBODY knock down barriers to communication between agents and customers.

MINDBODY launched Glance across multiple domains, allowing customer care agents to guide users seamlessly from apps to support pages to admin portals, resulting in reduced average handle time and lower customer churn.


Cloud-based business software for gyms, spas and yoga studios


60,000 businesses run on the MINDBODY technology platform

Commitment to Customer Care is woven into MINDBODY’s corporate culture

MINDBODY digitally engages with customers on multiple channels — SaaS browser apps and mobile apps

MINDBODY is the world’s leading wellness services online marketplace and software platform.

MINDBODY knows that in today’s subscription economy the customer has the power. Customer experience is the most important differentiator in creating brand loyalty. 

MINDBODY chose Glance to improve the customer experience across their entire technology platform — the browser apps, mobile apps, and online marketplace. Thanks to Glance, when a customer using MINDBODY calls for support, the MINDBODY support agent can instantly launch a sharing session to view the customer’s screen. The agent can immediately see and understand what service is being used and where the customer is stuck. The agent can use Glance to scroll and highlight navigation controls for the customer, and to quickly guide the customer to resolution.

MINDBODY also uses Glance to train customers, giving them a guided tour of the software via a Glance sharing session.

By implementing Glance, the company achieved measurable savings through reduced average handle time and customer churn. On top of cost savings, MINDBODY has created stronger relationships with its customers, helping owners of health and wellness companies operate more efficiently.

Leveraging Glance visual engagement has improved our overall brand image by improving our support offering. Where previously we only addressed auditory, kinaesthetic learners, now we’re connecting with visual learners too. Glance helps us increase our customer’s confidence and ability to repeat the solution.

KC Duggan | Business Relationship Manager

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