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Glance yields higher returns for CSAT and digital transactions at Axos Bank

With Glance, Axos bankers can join customers on-screen and guide them as they use the online banking app.

Glance allows Axos bankers to deliver a digital banking experience that rivals an in-branch experience.


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Axos is a preeminent digital bank with over $11 billion in assets under management

The corporate mission is to provide the right technology and human banking expertise to empower customers to accomplish their financial goals

Axos Financial, Inc. is listed on the NYSE (AX) and is a component of multiple index funds

Improved online banking customer experience

Higher customer satisfaction

Higher lifetime customer loyalty and revenue

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How Axos Bank uses Glance

With Glance, Axos bankers can see exactly what an account holder sees on their screen as they navigate the online banking app. Agents can guide customers through a number of transactions including bill payments, fund transfers, and the completion of applications for bank products like mortgages and personal loans.

Glance collaboration sessions can be launched easily by the banker, and Glance requires no download from the customer. It is a frictionless experience for the banker and the customer that works with any computer or mobile web browser the customer might be using.

Glance is engineered to comply with the strictest security and privacy standards of financial services companies. Sensitive personal information in the customer’s online banking account can be masked from the view of the banker. Glance encrypts all transmitted data and employs enterprise-class SSO.

Do or Die Digital Banking

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We’re able to jump right into whatever issue the customer may be facing and provide real-time guidance as opposed to trying to make them describe what they see on the screen.

Jonathan Crane | Senior VP, Centers of Excellence

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