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Companies That Love Glance

Constant Contact

“At Constant Contact, our customers are our top priority. It [Glance] has improved our ability to resolve issues swiftly within a single call and deliver even more ‘wow’ experiences.”

Rick Edwards
Partner Implementation Manager

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“…we have the ability to have our experts see what the customer sees and highlight areas to help direct the customer. Our one-way video lets the customer connect the TurboTax expert they are speaking with. It’s been a gamechanger for Intuit.”

Stacie Herring
Director of Assisted Experience

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Mind Body LOogo

“Leveraging Glance visual engagement has improved our overall brand image by improving our support offering. Glance helps us increase our customer’s confidence and ability to repeat the solution.”

KC Duggan
Business Relationship Manager

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“[ConstructConnect] is constantly striving to build a stronger sales force and Glance for Salesforce has transformed our sales process.”

Lisa Fiondella
Chief Customer Officer

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“We were blown away when we quickly saw a 50% reduction in AHT (average handle time).”

Trent Broberg
GM/VP of Customer Success

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Agri-Services Agency

“Agri-Services Agency (ASA) wants to offer customers the easiest way to access the services they need. Glance’s integrated cobrowse and screen share solution [enables] us to instantly connect with customers, simplify processes, and create a very positive experience. Customers can now resolve issues, discover new products, and get their questions answered with a single call, making them—and us—happy.”

Bruce Lippert
Health Plan Analyst


“Glance is simple to use and administer…Glance has made a major impact on our team’s productivity and helped shorten our sales cycles considerably. Our customers want a quick and easy product demo, and Glance delivers.”

Mark McCarthy
Director of Sales Competency and Training

The ROI of Visual Engagement

Glance Networks commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study. Forrester interviewed several customers and examined the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying the Glance Visual Engagement Platform.

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Why Do the Best Enterprises Use Visual Engagement?

Businesses love being able to use cobrowsing software to see what their customer see – it helps customer service agents do their job better. In addition, one-way agent video brings trust and empathy to the fore. Watch the video to learn more about what our customers have to say about Glance enterprise visual engagement solutions.

We love our customers—and they love us!

At Glance, we understand the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. Our customers are fantastic—and they think we’re fantastic too.

Glance is awesome!

“In a work environment where being efficient is crucial, Glance makes my sales process effortless. My customers and prospects couldn’t be happier. Absolutely love it.”

Can’t live without Glance!

“Glance is probably the most important tool in my arsenal. It allows me to simply and easily connect with my customers on a visual level and makes training them so much easier.”

Glance: so simple; so amazing!

“…I had Glance set up in five minutes and have been sharing my screen with potential customers ever since! It’s reliable, and most importantly, it’s as EASY for my customer as clicking a link. No setup required on their end…”

4.9 Rating on the AppExchange

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See how Glance can transform customer engagement

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