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Glance Guided CX and Intuit Make Tax Season Less Taxing

Glance powers Intuit TurboTax's SmartLook and TurboTax Live functionality, which enable Intuit tax experts to join customers in the TurboTax app to give them guidance and help them complete their tax return. Learn how those cutting edge Guided CX features have driven massive business value for Intuit.

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SaaStr 2018: Visual Engagement Can Reduce Customer Churn for SaaS

The Glance team had a great time participating at this year’s SaaStr Annual 2018 in San Francisco. SaaStr is the popular blog/Quora entity that has morphed into a global community...

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How to Improve SaaS Customer Success Management Today

Not too long ago I attended an Underscore.VC community dinner. It was a great opportunity to share stories with other folks from the Boston SaaS and technology community. We also were able...

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3 Amazing Visual Engagement Stories You Need to Read Today

Today’s businesses are faced with a challenge: how to stand out in the crowd. Customer service has become central in the quest to gain a competitive edge. Self-service is great...

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How To Make SaaS Customer Support Outstanding

In a SaaS company, providing great support is the key to your growth and success. The role of customer support is to accompany customers during their journey and respond to...

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Visual Engagement Builds Sales for SaaS Organizations

Not every SaaS demo can be done in person. That's where visual engagement solutions come in.

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