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Glance and Guided Experiences: At the leading edge of CX Transformation

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Glance team (really sit in front of a monitor) as they met me and other analysts on the company and the market changes of the last year.

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The Solution for Providing the Best Customer Experience: What Exactly is Guided CX?

Metrigy’s new eBook on Guided Customer Experience outlines how customers are engaging digitally, and what organizations can do to meet their needs.

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Are Your Customers Satisfied? How to Gain a Competitive Edge in Customer Experience

Metrigy’s new eBook on Guided Customer Experience delves into what customers want and how to deliver it to them for increased customer satisfaction, and in turn, increased revenue.

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Guided CX: The new online digital norm

In 2018, PwC research found that 82% of U.S consumers felt the need for more human interaction in their digital experiences. We call this problem, the human connections gap. Learn more about the solution.

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Glance Guided CX and Intuit Make Tax Season Less Taxing

Glance powers Intuit TurboTax's SmartLook and TurboTax Live functionality, which enable Intuit tax experts to join customers in the TurboTax app to give them guidance and help them complete their tax return. Learn how those cutting edge Guided CX features have driven massive business value for Intuit.

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See Glance Guided CX solutions in Action

View the many ways Glance can transform the experience of your digitally connected customers. Add Glance guided CX solutions to your existing apps and websites to create digital interactions with...

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