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Glance Guided CX and Intuit Make Tax Season Less Taxing

Glance powers Intuit TurboTax's SmartLook and TurboTax Live functionality, which enable Intuit tax experts to join customers in the TurboTax app to give them guidance and help them complete their tax return. Learn how those cutting edge Guided CX features have driven massive business value for Intuit.

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Article: Extending the Brand Experience Through Embedded Video — The Missing Imperative in Digital Engagement

The most efficient and compelling way to engage customers through video services is by directly embedding it into your website or app. Learn how to extend your brand experience through embedded video in this article. 

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Article: Mobile Banking Must Replicate Branch Experiences

As digital banking adoption grows, recreating the in-branch bank feel online will become essential for retaining customers, gaining new ones and keeping them for life.

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Balancing Technology and Humanity to Mold the Future of Banking

The future of banking is digital. The power players knew this before a worldwide pandemic struck. However, COVID 19 was the accelerant to shift both the financial industry and consumer mindset about digital from a “nice to have” to necessity.

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6 Questions to ask a Potential Visual Engagement Provider

Digital banking is not a new trend. However, due to the pandemic, consumption and adoption is skyrocketing among all demographics. A study conducted on digital banking during the height of...

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7 Keys to a Great Digital Banking Experience

As more and more customers of all ages move away from walking in a branch and instead open their apps, a “good” digital banking app won’t cut it.

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