Glance shares trends and predictions for CX in 2023


Report combines industry insights with actionable recommendations

As enterprises face increasing competition and shrinking resources, the need for exceptional customer experiences has become critical for success. To help businesses navigate this rapidly changing landscape, Glance has released a new report, “2023 CX Trends and Predictions: Seeking Stability.”

The report is a guide to the latest trends and insights in customer experience (CX), with a focus on what businesses can do to elevate their CX strategy. It compiles insightful industry research, case studies, and actionable recommendations for enterprise businesses feeling the strain of limited resources.

“We understand that creating a great customer experience is a differentiator for brands, and an important place to make strategic investments to gain and retain customers,” said Tom Martin, CEO at Glance. “The insights in this report will help businesses stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, even during tough times.”

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • Post-pandemic changes that are here to stay
  • The rise of personalized CX and how to implement it
  • The impact of emerging technologies like AI and predictive analytics on CX
  • The benefits of a customer-centric culture

The report is available to download for free at