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Retail’s Great Digital Divide

Today’s digital savvy consumers and their growing preference to shop online is all the justification retail move online.

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Hey Sales – Your Constituents Would Like to See You Now!

Hey sales teams, what do you call your constituents? Customers? Members? Clients? Purchasers? Subscribers? Buyers? Applicants? Partners? Consumers? Adopters? Practitioners? Students? Visitors? Patients? Readers? Claimants? Patrons? Contributors? Vendors? Investors? Players?...

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Effective Sales Presentation Q&A Tips

Question-and-answer portions of a sales presentation are like panel interview sessions. You’ve got people firing their queries one at a time and you give a reply. However, the roles of...

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How to Make Visual Engagement More Effective for Sales Teams

In a sales call, the sales rep’s goal is to communicate the belief that the prospect’s challenge can be overcome, problem solved, and business goal met. Experienced sales teams know...

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Visual Engagement Builds Sales for SaaS Organizations

Not every SaaS demo can be done in person. That's where visual engagement solutions come in.

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Glance Networks Awarded 2017 SalesTech Award for Most Innovative SalesTech Company

We at Glance Networks are proud to announce that our Glance Visual Engagement solution has been honored once again for its exceptional innovation. Crowd Research Partners, a global integrated media company, has...

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