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First Contact Resolution Explained

It’s an immutable fact: no matter how incredible your product or service is – you’re going to have customers reaching out with issues.  Support requests come in for all kinds...

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Mind-blowing ROI Statistics to Make Your Business Case for Cobrowse, Screen Share and Agent Video

Take a look at these cobrowse, screen share, and agent video ROI statistics and figure out the returns your organization could achieve.

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Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side…But Not If Cutting Customer Engagement Costs Is The Goal

Time: Noun. 1. A measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. 2. The enemy of cutting customer engagement costs. When it comes to...

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Five Amazing Customer Engagement Facts

Visual engagement has become established as a major key to customer engagement. Here are five facts every management team should keep in mind. Customer engagement fact 1 Agent productivity skyrockets...

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How to Get the Fastest ROI From Your Customer Service Technology Investment

Tips and tricks on speeding the ROI you get from your technology investments.

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KPI Faceoff: Average Handle Time vs First Call Resolution

78% of customer service professionals are tracking at least one performance metric at work. But are they tracking the right metrics?

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