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How to improve digital customer engagement for retail

The pandemic accelerated the transformation of digital customer engagement for retail. When brick and mortar stores had to close their doors, e-Commerce exploded virtually overnight. And according to a survey...

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In-store vs online: creating a single retail customer experience

Is your e-commerce site disconnected from your brick and mortar locations? If so, you’re not alone: Nearly 50% of brands say unifying online and in-store operations and data will be...

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Retail’s Great Digital Divide

Today’s digital savvy consumers and their growing preference to shop online is all the justification retail move online.

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The Importance of Humanization in Online Customer Experience

Online businesses need to recognize that it's more important than ever to make humanized connections with customers.

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Coffee, Call Center Scripts and Customer Experience

When you’re training call center agents on new sales scripts, make genuine conversation, collaboration, and rapport top priorities.

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Are your customer service agents better than my smartphone?

Engagement, the moment we spend millions to create, is resting squarely on agents' shoulders. Here are 7 things you should ask about them.

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