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The strengths (and limitations) of Customer Experience mapping

In the far flung days of yore (you know: before the Internet) customer journeys were relatively simple. They went something like this: Customer spots fruit stand > Customer approaches fruit...

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Exciting New Research Underscores the Value of Visual Engagement

Customers need human guidance to handle complex situations, like investments or healthcare. That’s when visual engagement becomes vital.

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Making Customer Experience Management Visual

Aberdeen research surveyed 215 organizations for its December 2015 study, Omni-Channel Customer Care: Best-in-Class Steps to Success. Among the companies surveyed, 59% indicated that they use visual engagement tools: tools and technologies that allow companies...

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Top 5 Cobrowsing Articles of 2015

The media is abuzz with reasons you should consider bringing cobrowsing into your business and customer service strategy.

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What is the #1 Way for Any Company to Improve Customer Service?

In a poll of well-known customer service experts, the top answer for how to improve customer service was to improve the employee experience.

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The Online Customer Service Landscape

By adopting the right training and tools, your company can take the 2015 customer experience to new heights. [INFOGRAPHIC]

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