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Why in-app support is the evolution mobile CX needs

Mobile is increasingly becoming the digital engagement mode of choice for customers. In response, today’s CX leaders across industries are focusing on how to improve their mobile experiences and bring...

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Want to drive adoption and usage of your app? Humanize it.

The modern mobile app experience is a capital ‘D’ digital experience. As app users, we want experiences that are slick, frictionless – and (for the most part) self-service. While we...

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How the best mobile apps boost (and maintain) mobile feature adoption

As more and more of us use our smartphones to do, well, just about everything, mobile app experiences are increasingly becoming the primary arena for business-to-customer interactions. This is potentially...

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Gartner: A Major Reason Many Mobile Apps Fail

Gartner says many mobile apps fail to achieve their business objectives because “there is very little customer service capability built into the apps.” (2018 Hype Cycle) That’s the very reason...

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How to Make Visual Engagement More Effective for Sales Teams

In a sales call, the sales rep’s goal is to communicate the belief that the prospect’s challenge can be overcome, problem solved, and business goal met. Experienced sales teams know...

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How to Enhance Your Mobile Customer Experience

Remember 5-6 years ago when having a great mobile customer experience was optional? Yeah, us too. These days, a mobile experience that’s polished, intuitive, and customer-minded is essentially the bare...

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