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What should be in your healthcare CX tech stack?

Today’s customer expects a seamless, intuitive experience. A digital patient experience is no longer negotiable, and making your healthcare CX frictionless requires a highly integrated and carefully orchestrated ecosystem of...

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The pitfalls of superficial CX intentions (and why agent experience matters)

Most businesses talk a big game on CX. Wander the halls between the back office and the boardroom and you’ll likely hear variations on the same prevailing wisdom:  CX is...

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“Empathy” has become a CX buzzword, but customers aren’t feeling it

Being able to see things from the customer’s perspective is foundational to creating great customer experiences (CX).  So why is it that – in the context of CX – the...

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The broken feedback loop that creates CX blindspots (and how to close it)

Here’s a tough question: what do your prospects and customers really think about your customer experience (CX)? What does it actually feel like to engage with your business?  If you’re...

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How the pandemic has changed digital customer experience for good

The pandemic has been a driving force for change in the way we live, work, and interact with one another. Customer expectations have drastically changed, and brands must step up...

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Glance and Guided Experiences: At the leading edge of CX Transformation

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Glance team (really sit in front of a monitor) as they met me and other analysts on the company and the market changes of the last year.

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