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Why in-app support is the evolution mobile CX needs

Mobile is increasingly becoming the digital engagement mode of choice for customers. In response, today’s CX leaders across industries are focusing on how to improve their mobile experiences and bring...

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Why customer journey mapping matters more than ever

We had the honor to talk to CX expert Sumita Mullick to discuss the importance of customer journey mapping to businesses today. Customer journey mapping is gaining popularity as a...

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The importance of empathy when delivering exceptional customer service

Technology has completely transformed the call center … but is it for the better? In some ways, yes. But as we’ve embraced more and more technology, we’ve lost sight of...

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Real-world insights on how to use guided customer support to improve CX

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Customers expect brands to use a high level of technology … but they also demand human connection. In response, more companies are starting...

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Become a customer loyalty generator series: Make every interaction count

Loyal customers are happy customers. They have an emotional connection to your brand and are eager to share their positive experiences with others. They also contribute more to your bottom...

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Higher education needs a CX mindset shift

College enrollment has been declining since 2010. Today’s teens are questioning the value of a college education. They hear about poor college experiences from friends and peers, and meanwhile social...

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