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The importance of empathy when delivering exceptional customer service

Technology has completely transformed the call center … but is it for the better? In some ways, yes. But as we’ve embraced more and more technology, we’ve lost sight of...

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2023 CX trends to watch in financial services

Banking and financial services are undergoing a drastic transformation. The customer experience in 2023 looks a lot different from just five years ago, and finance CX leadership must keep up...

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Four skills to develop in your customer service team in hard times

If you’re in customer service management, being able to lead your team through tough times isn’t exactly on the job application. But as we head into a potential economic downturn...

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Genuine empathy will be mission-critical to CX in 2023

This is an excerpt from our recent ebook, CX Trends & Predictions for 2023: Seeking Stability. Grab the full report here. We already know this, but as technology advances, it’s easy for...

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Four customer service management trends for 2023 you’ll need to prepare for

Want to deliver outstanding customer service in 2023? You may have to refresh your approach. As recessionary clouds gather, customer mindsets are changing. Their budgets are tightening, they’re getting a...

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10 hard-hitting customer service stats (and what to do about them)

It certainly isn’t a boring time to be in customer service. Customer demands are changing. Competition for consumer dollars is peaking. And companies are depending on the customer service team...

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