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How to improve customer service in healthcare

Customer service plays an important role in every industry — especially healthcare. You might have the most knowledgeable and skilled providers, but if they aren’t giving patients a positive experience,...

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Digital customer service 101

Your virtual customer support team is the backbone of your organization. They likely spend more time interacting with your customers than anyone else. They understand their issues, solve their problems,...

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How to improve SaaS customer success today

Customer success is a growing field that SaaS CX professionals are adopting. It’s easy to see why. Focusing on SaaS customer success can improve the customer experience, increase product adoption,...

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How to make SaaS customer support outstanding

In a SaaS company, providing great support is the key to your growth and success. SaaS customer support plays a part in reputation, brand image, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. It’s...

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What is average handle time – and does it matter anymore?

Google “Average Handle Time” and you’ll be pointed in the direction of innumerable articles that describe what this metric is – and advise you to reduce it.  And, once upon...

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First Contact Resolution Explained

It’s an immutable fact: no matter how incredible your product or service is – you’re going to have customers reaching out with issues.  Support requests come in for all kinds...

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