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Creating a customer-centric culture: Tips and tricks for success

Customer churn is expensive. Really, really expensive. U.S. brands lose $35.3 billion every year due to unplanned churn. Here’s where that number really hurts: that unplanned churn is caused by...

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Be a customer loyalty generator: Meet customers inside your mobile apps

Of the 5 hours per day we spend on our mobile devices, over 4 hours is spent on mobile apps. Apps provide new ways to interact with customers and provide...

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The importance of empathy when delivering exceptional customer service

Technology has completely transformed the call center … but is it for the better? In some ways, yes. But as we’ve embraced more and more technology, we’ve lost sight of...

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Become a customer loyalty generator series: Make every interaction count

Loyal customers are happy customers. They have an emotional connection to your brand and are eager to share their positive experiences with others. They also contribute more to your bottom...

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