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Why brands should embrace AI

Over the past year and a half, consumers have moved nearly every aspect of their lives to digital channels. Expectations for an exceptional customer experience remain sky-high, and enterprises must...

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Creating a customer-centric culture: Tips and tricks for success

Customer churn is expensive. Really, really expensive. U.S. brands lose $35.3 billion every year due to unplanned churn. Here’s where that number really hurts: that unplanned churn is caused by...

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Maximizing the potential of AI with a customer-first CX approach

The CX industry is buzzing about artificial intelligence (AI). ChatGPT brought AI to the forefront of people’s minds overnight, and the technology went from experimentation to providing real business value...

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How to optimize the right digital touchpoints for better CX

Providing great customer experiences is about delivering “convenient, empowering, and emotional experiences,” according to a recent Forrester report. The best way to do that? Choose the right digital touchpoints, and...

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How Guided CX can transform the student enrollment process

The student journey is becoming increasingly digital, even for students who don’t engage in remote learning. And when it comes to recruitment and enrollment, the digitization of these processes is...

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Why customer journey mapping matters more than ever

We had the honor to talk to CX expert Sumita Mullick to discuss the importance of customer journey mapping to businesses today. Customer journey mapping is gaining popularity as a...

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